NEW Medieval Series!

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Another day, another new admin. XD Please welcome TheRoBLOXian08 and crazycomet (yayyy!) to the admin team Yay ^v^

Now, the new medieval series is a series of castle-like walls and tower pieces that allow you to literally create your own medieval castle. The recipes for these will NOT be posted to website, and please don’t ask me for them. Also, anyone who posts recipes in the comments will be I.P. banned from this website! There’s a reason I took the recipe list down. Thank you.


New Style; New Blog

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First off, and you’ve probably already noticed, I’ve re-styled the blog. The new style was inspired by the Notepad app on the Iphone. It’s clean cut, and much easier to read since the text is in Calibri. Apart from the new colors and background, the blog is still the same.

Also, I’ve created a new blog- Funny Local News! If your looking for a laugh, this is a great place to find one. F.L.N. is full of videos and stories of the biggest news fails. Also search for F.L.N. on Youtube! Thanks for reading.


 admin of AND

V3.3 New Weather System!

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V3.3 test 1 brings us the long awaited Weather System. Currently there is hail and lightning, although apparently theyre is no physcal effect to players or object. Whether or not they are suppose to is what we will find out with the tests. One eminent fact is the lag- Every player on my server disconnected randomly during a regen. If you can’t work around it, you should play the reverted version until the tests are complete.

No more pie.


Made you look. But really, finding out recipes in S303 won’t be like Pie anymore. It’ll be more like mathematical pi. Due to requests from the admins, I’ve taken down the recipes page. I’ve left a few basic tools and items, but the rest is up to you to figure out. I hope you won’t go to other guides because of this; I’ll still be updating the site regularly and publishing any new tools or items that come out. –crazycomet

I hope you understand. The true fun of Survival 303 is figuring out how to survive.

Major updates.

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Alot has changed since my last post.

First off, I’d like to congratulate Demonhunter18 for making admin. I’d also like to welcome nutter795 to our team here at

The other huge change is the new skill system- doing almost anything in S303 now requires you to have an appropriate skill level. This includes swimming, foraging, and most importantly- crafting. Here are a list of the crafting skills:

Masonry (stone-work): Determines what you can create with stone.

Carpenting: Determines what you can create with wood.

Smithing: Determines what you can create with a forge.

Shipbuilding: Self-explenatory.

Architecture: Determines what structures (huts, houses) you can create.

Crafting: Determines what you can create with synthetics.

Engineering: Unkown.

Chemistry: Determines what you can create with compounds (sulpher, etc.)

Cooking, Farming: both self-explenatory.

You can level up skills by crafting or doing activities that involve the skill (etc, swimming gains you XP for the Swimming skill) Also, although Davidii has a poll going on whether or not to keep the skills system, when asked he said he will likely keep the system.

Update, v2.9 Part I

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I’ll be updating the recipes list soon, please bare with me. With v2.9, several features were released:
There is now a new Tribe menu.
Several recipes have changed, and one added.

There are also three new islands; Jungle Island, Cove Island and Fortress Island (temporary names?)

I published a new section to the blog- The Islands. This page summarizies the resources, food and defence structure of the islands of S303, both new and old. Enjoy! Lets celebrate my birthday with 15,000 hits.


v2.375-2.5, Webmaster Announcement

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Let me start by saying thank you for all the support this fansite has recieved. I can’t start to count the number of “I bookmarked this” and “great site, please update it” PMs I’ve gotten. That is why it really pains me to say I won’t be able to oblige your requests. I will not be updating this site daily anymore. Davidii is making too many small updates- adding and removing scripts, playing with untested features. It’s not that I just don’t want to update it, believe me I do. I just don’t have the time to play Survival 303 anymore. Still, it’s not as if the fansite will be closing down- in fact, we’re hiring. If you feel like your capable of grammar and want to make some tickets while your at it, just PM me a sample summary paragraph of how the Medieval House works. If your hired, you’ll recieve 15 tickets for each of your updates that are published. Please, if you have a hard time using the Shift key and using punctuation marks, I ask that you do not submit an entry. All contributors must have BC to recieve payment.

Speaking of Updates..

The recipe for the new Medieval House has been added to the Recipe List. Please stop sending me PMs because I don’t have the Crude Whip recipe, there is none. Its a beta-test tool that not only fails at working, but is also an ADMIN tool.

–crazycomet, your Fansite admin.

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