Strategy Guide

This is a guide for role-playing based on my recollections. This is not a guide on how to play. For that, please look here and over there. This guide will explain what should be done and what tools are needed to be a raider, tribesman, etc. In addition to this, all roles are ranked from 1-5 stars for OUTPUT, WORK, and their required SKILL. In addition to all of this is a description of the role. Go to your browser bar and underneath Edit you should see ‘Find’. Use that to find a specific role-play.

Role-play: Pyromaniac

Output: -*****

Work: **

Skill: *

Necessary Tools: Flint

I gave this role-play negative stars because not only do you get absolutely nothing out of it, but you are also ruining other people’s fun.

Role-play: Butcher

Output: ***

Work: ***

Skill: ***

Necessary tools: Stone Knife, Stone Axe/Pick

Butchers live a pretty good life. They can sell their meat for the things they don’t have, and almost every good tribe has one. You need to pen that bento deer if you want to have any success. Get some small tree stumps, figure out where the deer spawns (do this by killing it, and wait for it to respawn) and then build a cage around it out of welded wood. Make sure that the cage is at least 2-4 studs high. You’ll increase productivity if you cook that meat before you sell it.

Role-play: Fisherman

Output: ***

Work: *****

Skill: ***

Necessary tools: Long Rod, Net, Large Raft

Fishermen work hard and are constantly moving. But for some, this can be fun. Start off by stockpiling fish. Use the Long Rod to catch bigger fish and use the net to catch multiple smaller fish. You will inevitably need to get a boat, unless your part of a tribe that has a dock or shop.

Role-play: Farmer

Output: *****

Work: *****

Skill: ****

Necessary tools: Granary

Farmers are the hardest working of all role plays. It’s only fair that they reap the biggest reward! Unfortunately, mass-farming can seem tricky to the newest. To start off, build a granary or two in a relatively flat, empty space. Get some large and small compost by processing leaves. Once you have compost, start to line up your compost in rows of 5-6. 3 or so of these rows will do. Now, start planting apples or berries. Its a long process, but in a few minutes you will have a huge surplus of food. Most of the time you will want to get rid of the excess crop, so you may want to take all the leaves and stumps and create a burn pile. Just keep it away from your granary!

Role-play: Trader

Output: ***

Work: ***

Skill: ****

Necessary tools: Large Raft

Traders are the veins of the server. They go around, taking supplies to far away islands that need them. For example, they might go to a miner on Spire, buy some ore, then sell that ore to a tribesman on Bento that needs that ore. Then they can buy meat and hides from the tribesman and sell them to the miner. Of course, they always keep a portion for themselves!

Role-play: Guardsman

Output: *

Work: ***

Skill: **-****

Necessary tools: Armor, Axe, and Spear or Bow.

There is always someone who needs protection. These farmers, fishermen and builders will always be willing to share their food and resources with a local guardsman. Like any other battle-minded profession, guards can reap the benefits of two waring forces.

Role-play: Raider

Output: ***

Work: *

Skill: ***

Necessary tools: Armor, Axe, ranged weapon, Firemaking Bow.

Let me start of by saying this; randomly killing people is not the goal of raiding. The key to raiding is to extort local tribes. This could go something along the lines of, “Give me 2 bread and I won’t harm you.” On top of this, there should always be one tribe you are allied with. Eventually this tribe will begin to trust you, and likely give you hospitality the next time you stop by. Fire is a great means of extortion, but don’t abuse it and definitely do NOT drag-burn people.

Role-play: Viking

Output: *****

Work: *****

Skill: *****

Necessary tools: Steel Armor, Steel Axe, Large Raft, Firemaking Bow, Longbow

Vikings often live the best life possible. The idea of a viking ship bearing down on your hard-earned stuff is often enough for tribes to offer most or all of their food. Like raiding, the goal here is extortion. The special thing about Vikings is the fact that they terrorize the entire server. This is possible because they literally live on a boat. Often times you may have to build onto a large raft or sailboat, expand it and armor it. Like with raiding, always leave one tribe- either that tough steel-armored tribe or that weak but still productive tribe- allied.

Role-play: Baker

Output: *****

Work: ****

Skill: ***

Necessary tools: Flint, Bucket, Mill, Granaries
Bakeries are a lifeline for travelers. Knowing this, you can set up a shop with a wheat farm and mill, probably an oven, and reap the benefits. People will pay good prices for bread and will often come back knowing that you are a great source of food.

Role-play: Miner

Output: ****



Necessary tools: Pickaxe, Flint

Miners are very important people, but unfortunately most people will only mine on a need-to basis. If you do take on the task of being a miner, you will certainly make a good reputation for yourself, and you’ll probably see people inviting you to their villages, and their granaries. Apart from actually mining ore, you should also refine them before selling them. One of the best situations to be a miner is when there is a tribal war and you control Spire island. Since Spire Island is the only source of Sulpher, necessary for gunpowder, you will likely reap the benefits of one tribe’s trust.

Role-play: Logger

Output: **

Work: ****

Skill: **

Necessary tools: Axe, Stone Knife, Granaries

Loggers aren’t very useful in 303. All they really do is log small and big tree stumps and store them for customers. Although loggers are commonly found in tribes, going solo you really shouldn’t expect much output for your effort.


25 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Theemperer4
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 23:29:48

    Still can’t figure out how to make the midevils. Felling R-Tarded. Great guide. i love being either a miner or a butcher.


  2. Wafflepan
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 06:18:07

    How About logistics personnel?

    essentially the person who moves things, people and stuff. Usually has a boat to carry things in and just basically moves stuff for the tribe anywhere


  3. nutter795
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 15:41:57

    Crazy is going to be putting me on the team he just needs a post so he can so… here it is 🙂


  4. dominance
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 23:46:02

    also a raider tip when raiding keep at least 1 gunpowder to blast down medieval doors usually very useful supplies inside


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