The Islands

Sitting in an airport.. Bored out of my mind. Figured I would write a summary of the islands in S303.


Bento Island
Resources: ***
Food: ***
Defence: *

Bento island is often considered the ‘starter island’ because of the simplicity of living there. Bento island is a medium-size, square and flat island with a small hill at its center. Three sets of trees and bushes can be found at the corners of the island, near two rocky hills. Bento bucks and deer traverse the flat island, and are the island’s main export. Apart from Bento meat, local tribes enjoy a skimpy diet of berries and pondwater. Bento Island is often the epicenter of tribal warfare.

Rockma Island
Resources: ***
Food: **
Defence: ****

Rockma Island is also considered a ‘starter island’, and was one of the originial islands of S303. Rockma Island is named after the vicious rockmas that inhabit it. Rockma Island is usually only visited for its resources- after all, who would want to share their backyard with turtles that have rocky shells? Rockma Island is distinguishable thanks to its rocky cliffs and glorious waterfall.

Paradise Island
Resources: ****
Food: *****
Defence: ****

They don’t call it Paradise Island for nothing. Inside the jungle of this medium-large island is a forest sprouting with apples and berries, and a huge resovior of fresh water. There is also a cave where coal can be mined, and several satellite islands where wheat can be found. Paradise Island is also easy to defend, thanks to its massive walls. From distance, the island looks similar to Rockma- except green.

Harbor Island
Resources: ***
Food: ****
Defence: ****

No matter what you call it- U Island, Terapynx Island, or just Harbor Island, this island is a fortress. A fresh supply of water and apples can sustain a small tribe, and the local terapynxs- an extremely deadly cousin of the bento buck- tend to be the islands main export. Harbor Island- or whatever you call it- is easy to spot thanks to its distinguishable U shape. The island’s interior is tough to reach, except by the harbor. The island is also the only place where clay can be mined.

Resources: **
Food: *
Defence: *

The three islands that make up this arch are small and cramp. Apart from some flax, and a couple of rocks, this island has little resources- and no food. As a result, these islands are usually only visited once in a while, and colonized by daring survivors. The Tri-island arch can be found between Bento Island and Plataeu Island.

To be continued:
Plataeu Island
Spire Island
Cove Island (new)
Fortress Island (new)
Jungle Island (also new)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Databug
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 18:44:53

    Are you gonna update this soon?


  2. FlaminBlade
    Jul 10, 2010 @ 19:09:55

    Very nice. Harbor Island is almost always called Terapynx Island though.


  3. GenralShepard
    Jul 04, 2010 @ 03:14:36

    I think the new islands are cool.


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